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Wraps/Foil PlacementExperience placement first hand.

Learn how to acheive inpactful color by utilizing a foil/wrap to isolate your color.

This workshop will take you through a step by step application and teach you the benefits of angle & placement.


Painting/ BalayageBalayage is a french word that means to sweep. This allows you to create hair color that is soft and seamless. The whole purpose of balayage is to create surface lightening, meaning the color only lives on the surface.

In this workshop you will attain a understanding of how to acheive more natural haircolor.


Trend N'Color Creating the perfect red, blonde or brunnette can be difficult. In these trend based programs you will learn how to execute color that is impactful. It all about knowing when to make your color scream, shout or holler.



Each standard program is traditionally a full day workshop, but can costumized base on the attendees needs. Hair N'Abstract currently offers In-Salon, One-On-One and Host workshop in Suburban Philadelphia. Please refer to "Program Fees" for detailed  information & pricing.




- Effective Ways To Consult (A TRUE CONSULTATION)


- A Comprehensive Theory Geared Towards Mastering The Techanics Of Cut, Color & Styling


- Interactive Demonstraction With Step By Step Instruction


- Full Hands On Applications











BlowDry Learn the art of the perfect blowdry. It all starts with the proper tools a great blowdryer, brushes, 4 key products, setting clips &  clean sectioning.


ClassicDress is all about long hair dressing. This is really about fundamentals,  so that means proper pinning, strong backcombing and a great foundation.


VintageDress Hollywood glam is here to stay!

During this hands-on workshop you will gain a better understanding of traditional wet & dry setting techniques. Its all about creating vintage looks in half the time.

You will complete 4 looks ranging from the 20's-60's


ModernDress Have you ever wondered how to get that celebrity look? Learn from Christopher how to approach upstying with a plan. In this workshop students will work together to recreate celebrity looks. Everyone has a different approach to styling. This program is really all about learning from each other, working together to disect each look, and coming up with a systematic approach to "Modern Dress"


BraidDress Braid are still a huge trend! In this three hour worshop learn the in's and outs of braiding. The goal is to give you quick and easy ways to keep your clients fashion forward.



Coming Soon.....

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